Cineplex 100 Years of Movies is the movie theatre logo that appears before the 

Cineplex - 100 Years of Movies00:43

Cineplex - 100 Years of Movies

feature presentation at Cineplex cinema. This logo has an airplane flying around from the Kitty Hawk to Boeing X-48 and then a hyperdrive before the planets and the Cineplex logo in the Galaxy. Then the logo fades to a text saying ''ENJOY THE SHOW''. The logo always goes on when you see a movie at Cineplex. Since Late 2015, the logo is no longer used and is replaced by an new trailer called Lily & the Snowman.

Scare FactorEdit

NIGHTMARE, due to the super loud sounds. We suggest that you do not go to Cineplex at night. This is worse than AMC Theatres Silence is Golden! It is at 2nd at the scariest movie theatre logos, with THX Eclipse at 1st.


  • The following aircraft in this logo are the Kitty Hawk, Boeing Stearman Model 75, P-51D Mustang, Canadair CT-133 Silver Star, F-18 Hornet, Space Shuttle, and an experimental spacecraft that resembles Boeing X-48. 
  • There's an eight aircraft in this logo which can be found in the hyperdrive scene.

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