NOTE: Not to be confused with the video company that this company completely ripped off, Carey Home Video (UK).

Nicknames Edit

"C from Hell", "Creepy Video", "Cheesy Video", "Off-Center Text", "Cheaply Video", "The Greek Knockoff Logo", "One Of The Most Obvious Logo Thiefs"


On a black background, we see a white italic C in a blocky font. There's another C, which has the same looks of the white one, but blue, that zooms in from behind the logo and turns it blue. Meanwhile, white and blue lines shoot in from the sides and stop on the C. Parts of 7 parallelograms then appear one-by-one behind the C. The text "carrey video" fades in below.


The animation in the logo.

Cheesy Factor Edit

First off, the logomark - including the way it animates - and the text have been stolen from another logo. It looks like they put their effort more into the music than the animation. The text "carrey video" is also cheaply chyroned in, being not centered well with the logomark, and, also, why does the "carrey video" text fade out faster than the C? This is really, really, really unprofessional. It looks like a beginner did this. Not that the music isn't cheap, though, especially the evil-sounding choir. A candidate for one of the worst logos, indeed.

Music/Sounds Edit

An ominous tune plays, with a creepy-sounding chorus singing the company's name and a big synth finish. These are followed by descending and ascending synth sounds. This is also followed by a spooky synth brass tune that repeats in different pitch scales at the end.

Availability Edit

Extremely rare. To see this logo, check some Greek tapes made by them, which can be found probably on Greek eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon sites, or go to Greece and check mom-and-pop stores for VHS tapes with a Carrey Video print.

Scare Factor Edit

High. This logo is known to give Max & Ruby creepy dreams about it chasing then off a cliff where Max & Ruby fall into a flash flood.

WATCH IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!! Edit

VHS Companies from the 80's -306 CARREY VIDEO

VHS Companies from the 80's -306 CARREY VIDEO