Colombian TV Company.


  • The First Logo Is A Lion Running Into A White Screen & Goes Multicolored.After Is Going To Plateated Colour.Is Listening A Voice Saying"Está Transmitiendo Canal A".
  • The Second Was The Zooming Lion.Is Like The First Logo,But Is Ominous.The Voice Is A Announcement For Various Series For Families.
  • This Thirth Logo Is Too Like The First Logo,But The Voice Is Similar.
  • The Fourth Logo Is The Lion Running & Going To Fire With The Words"CANAL".
  • The Fifth Logo Was Cheesy,But Is Similar To The Fourth Logo With A Public Announcement Voice.
  • The Sixth Was The Project Of The Lion In Blue Colour With Title"TODOS".

Scare FactorEdit

  • 1st Logo:None To Medium.
  • 2nd Logo:High To NIGHTMARE!
  • 3rd Logo:Low.
  • 4th Logo:Medium To NIGHTMARE!
  • 5th Logo:None To Low.
  • 6th Logo:NIGHTMARE!

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