CTW (known as Children's Television Workshop, now called Sesame Workshop) is a TV logo that began in late 60s.

History Edit

There are many logos for this one.

CTW Plaque(1968-1970) Edit

We start off with a man that holds a plaque that says "CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP".*

*-There are other variations with other characters from Sesame Street

CTW Cloud (Electric Company custom logo, 1971-1977) Edit

This one has many versions. I'll just cover them up in this chart.

Version Number Description Scare Factor (%)
1 A cloud surrounded by a plaque that shows in the center "THE CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP". Accompanied by a voiceover that says "The Electric Company gains its power from the Children's Television Workshop". Don't forget the funky music. 1.5%


2 The text is colored gold and the text transition is zapped by four lightnings. 1.5%


3 This version has the border disappearing and the text zooming out. 1.5%


Snake (1978) Edit

This logo has 2 different editions:

Edition Number Description Scare Factor(%)
1 A pink cross appears. This makes the center sections of letters C and T. After that happens, the top section of the letter W appears. After the letters are created, a green text that pops up near the T. It says: "CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP". The music consisted of an eerie electronic jingle with a "ding" at the end. 17.5%


2 Same thing happens, but this was only shown at Christmas. It also has a different music. The CTW is orange, and the text "CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP" are blue. 17.5%



Again, this logo has 2 versions.

Edition Name/Number Description Scare Factor(%)
1 (Robot Edition) A spark comes out of nowhere. After the spark goes all the way to the left, the word "CHILDREN'S" appear. The spark does it two more times for the words "TELEVISION" and "WORKSHOP". After then, A star comes out of nowhere and disappears shortly after. 24.5%

Somewhat Low

2 (Original) Same thing goes for here, exceptions are: the music, which is not robot themed anymore. 24.5%

Somewhat Low


A semicircle appears. But before that, the letters C,T and W jump before they "merge" into it. After then the words "CHILDREN'S TELEVISION WORKSHOP" appear.

Sesame Workshop (2000-present) Edit

CTW officially changed its name to Sesame Workshop in 2000.

1st Logo (2000-2003) Edit

This logo is just a house with blue roof and green walls on a white background.

A star is inside, pops out of the roof. This causes the words "sesame workshop" to gain their color.

2nd Logo (2003-2006) Edit

Same goes for here, except that the house is blue with red roof.

3rd logo (2006-2008) Edit

The old house design again, but without "star needed to color text".

4th Logo (2008-present) Edit

No house at all. Instead, there is a orange background that has the word "sesame". When all the characters turn into letters to make the word "workshop", Elmo appears standing on the letters O and P.