CMT is a music channel in Canada and US. It was formerly NCN. CMT stands for Country Music Television, while NCN standed for New Country Network.

All logos Edit

The NCN and 1995-2006 logos were only still. The 2015 logo was still too.

2008 logo: We see the 2006 logo, until it zooms out and black lines (which look like vines) pop out of the logo, while we hear growing sounds.

2010 logo: A message bubble with the 2006 CMT logo pops out in a blue box, while a flash sound appears. This time, the text is in white instead of black.

The current one in the US is the 2006 Canadian logo.

Scare Factor Edit

None for the NCN, 1995-2006, and 2015 logos.

Minimal for the 2008 logo, the lines popping out of the logo, and the growing sound may scare some. Otherwise, it's a beautiful logo.

Low for the 2010 logo.


The channel is real, but none of the logos.

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