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CBeebies Sign Off Screen is a screen that appears when you try to watch CBeebies at night.


On a pink (or green) Cbeebies background, we see the text in a CBeebies font saying "Night Night. See You Tomorrow Morning At 6:00". The CBeebies Bedtime Hour variant with the background is purple and it has a moon next to "Bedtime Hour", the sleepy Cbeebies blobs (the mascots) is on the moon and the CBeebies logo is on top of "Bedtime Hour"

Scare FactorEdit

None for the pink/green screens. Medium for the Cbeebies Bedtime Hour variant, the dark nature, combined with the creepy music box music, the ominious background, the moon, the comet, the sounds and the CBeebies logo can scare more than a few. This is like the CBeebies Bedtime Hour Enterprises logo, or maybe Erry Vision, Klasky Csupo and Evil WB Shield.

Watch if you dare!Edit

Cbeebies Bedtime Song 2013 HQ00:44

Cbeebies Bedtime Song 2013 HQ

Green Screen version, skip to 0:40 for it!

CBeebies Sign Off 2015-001:42

CBeebies Sign Off 2015-0

2015, Skip to 1:02

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