Info Edit

The 'Bravo Ring of Fire' was an ident shown on the channel Bravo from 1997 to 2001. It consisted of an O which looked like a head of a devil, and it was on fire. The fire variant is not scary, but the scary part about this logo are the many live-action parts which were more commonly seen when the ident was about to be shown. Trust us, these logos were scary. So scary, that they were one of the scariest idents to be shown on UK TV! They consisted of a toilet cleaner falling in its socket in a dirty bathroom, a jar of pickled eyeballs, a cereal bowl filled with maggots, a wild man with screws in his head, a criminal and someone throwing a grenade at rabbits - which was thankfully censored in smoke.

Scare Factor Edit

High to nightmare - The live action startups are ought to unnerve a few people, and most of them will want to see these with the lights on. Many viewers were not expecting such stuff on a TV ident! Either that, or you'll be wondering "What the heck happened?!?!?!" after seeing this logo.