Bravo was a TV channel operating in the United Kingdom. When launched in 1985, it only transmitted on Cable TV. In 1993, it then progressed to the Astra Satelite. The programming of the channel started out as a vintage movie channel, before changing into 1997 to adult male oriented shows. In 2011, Living TV Group was folded into BSkyB. In result of this, Bravo was closed down.

Scare Factor Edit

Depending on the variant:

  • Original Version: Medium to high. Those live-action startups will unnerve quite a lot of viewers who are unaware, and some may find the second sound FX variant scarier.
  • Majority of the 1997 Variants: Nightmare. Many of them contain extremely disturbing content to the point of being obscene. The variants containing animal abuse will almost certainly upset animal lovers. Children, if they were unlucky enough to see these logos, would very likely be spooked and gain nightmares. These idents are absolutely not appropriate to show on television, and stand as some of the scariest ID's of all time.
  • 1997 Criminal variant: Medium to nightmare, The criminal's wide glare at the camera might unnerve a lot of people.
  • 1997 Cat In Cage, Blowtorch and Bathroom Variants: Low to high, since these variants don't really have much of a creepy vibe, but the second sound FX might still scare some.
  • 1998 Yellow Background and Green Background Variant: Low to medium. The nature will still get people, but the addition of brightness calms down the mood of the logo.

Otherwise, it's lower for those who are used to seeing it.


Screw you bravo! It all ended!

Bravo 1997 ident HD 1080p

Bravo 1997 ident HD 1080p