This screen appears on various Windows versions whenever a critical error occurs in vital system processes. It can be caused by either corrupted software or defective hardware. A faulty power supply, incompatible drivers, defective RAM and many other factors can trigger this error screen.

==Logo Reaction Factor:== It depends on the severity of the error.

ok to worst. The error appears jarringly and will startle those who are not expecting it. Knowing that something is wrong with the computer can increase the scare factor. Or others might just find it annoying if the sound enters an audio loop, then it's worst to worst ever, the stuttering is very loud and ear-grating. It could also damage to audio equipment if loud enough.
Windows 9X BSOD


Worst for the Windows 8 and Windows 10 variants. It's still troubling, but the screen looks more friendly.

None of those who are brave enough or you can stay calm and/or understand the error.