Blue Fang Logo

Blue Fang is a logo founded in 1998. The logo started out in a foggy jungle, which cuts to some rocks, which cuts to a snake slowly slithering across the trail. The logo then cuts to a rock with a tablet standing up, saying "Blue Fang Games". The snake slowly slithers across the logo, then hisses at us, then it whips it's tail into the tablet. The logo appears, then it fades to black.

However, not listed in the unveiling of this page, there is a third logo.

It is very short, but very scary. It starts out with a curved line. Electricity goes down the curve. The logo is shown, but not like it should be. Instead, more electricity goes down the logo, then again, then again. It starts going faster, then the stone version of the logo is surrounded by an eerie white light. The light goes "Ka-Boom!" then the logo is shown.

Blue Fang Logo

The other logo.

Scare Factor Edit

High to Nightmare. The snake might freak out some people, then the sudden whip and flash might get some people.

The second logo, None to Minimal. The sudden animals walking across the logo might be a little sudden, but is mostly harmless.

The third logo is Minimal to Nightmare. The electricity can scare some, especially the sudden flash.

Availability Edit

Common. You can see it on the beginning of games like Zoo Tycoon. The second logo can be found on the beginning of World of Zoo.

Watch it...if you dare... Edit

Blue Fang Games logo00:17

Blue Fang Games logo

Blue Fang Games Logo 300:17

Blue Fang Games Logo 3

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