Bing Crosby Productions logo
BCP (also called BCP Crashing Cars) is a logo where the letters B, C, and P in different blocks come down onto the screen accompanied by loud, menacing music. BCP is short for Bing Crosby Productions.

Additional InfoEdit

Bing Crosby was an esteemed singer who was known for singing "White Christmas" and appearing in the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby buddy films from the 1950s. This logo was shown on the TV show Hogan's Heroes.

=Scare Factor= Nightmare. The combination of primitive animation scary bombastic and very loud dramatic music has caused alot more than a few scares.

Watch it if you DareEdit

BCP Bing Crosby Productions Logo (1964) "Short Version"

BCP Bing Crosby Productions Logo (1964) "Short Version"