In the original Liquid Television aired version, the end of the short's credits, there it a still from the short showing Butt-head making impact with the bat on the back of Beavis' head and over this image is text that reads "No animals were harmed in the making of this movie...except for Beavis." This portion has been removed from The Mike Judge Collection DVD version.

Scare Factor Edit

NIGHTMARE! The image of Butthead htting Beavis's head with the baseball bat darker, the text, and the music will scare first-time viewers. DO NOT WATCH THIS PILOT AT NIGHT! Medium to high for Beavis & Butthead Fans, and None for those that are used to it.

WATCH IF YOU DARE! Just wait till the end.... Edit

Beavis & Butthead Season 1- Balloon & Frog Baseball (custom intro)06:41

Beavis & Butthead Season 1- Balloon & Frog Baseball (custom intro)

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