Barbour Langley Productions Logo History (1989-2002)00:15

Barbour Langley Productions Logo History (1989-2002)

Barbour/Langley Productions is named after Malcolm Barbour and John Langley, the creators of COPS. In 1994, Barbour retired from producing COPS. As of 2002, it's now known as "Langley Productions".

Scare FactorEdit

  • Low to high for the 1989 variant. The synth theme and bright colors may not sit well with some people.
  • Medium for the 1992 variant. The synth theme may cause some scares, but the logo is tamer.
  • None for the 1993 variant. The absence of the synth theme helps this, and the guitar riff is pretty cool and fits the show COPS.

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