Baby Einstein Is A Logo From 1997-2010

On a white background we see a colorful caterpillar sliding on wheels. He Stops At The Center and Stares At Us. The First Blink He Does The Logo Fades In, The Camera Zooms In Revealing The Text "the babyeinstein company" Next To A Drawing To A Boy's Head.

Variant: There's Another One With Cheap Quality.

Scare Factor: Depends on the variant:

1997-2007 Version: Minimal, The way he Smiles and blinks to the audience can freak-out a few but it's a soothing logo.

2008-2014 Variant: Medium. The animation is cheaper and the caterpillar's smile is more menacing than the 1997-2007 version. But again, it's a harmless logo.

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