BBC Video was formed and established in 1980 as a division of BBC Enterprises to distribute BBC television programmes for home video (later "BBC Worldwide") with John Ross Barnard as head. Their videos originally went through CBS/Fox Video (from 1985 to 1998) and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (from 1998-2000) for U.S. distribution. The license was taken over by Warner Home Video in 2000, and in 2008 Warner's logo was replaced by the logo for 2Entertain, except for on Charlie and Lola. In Australia, their videos were originally distributed by PolyGram Video, before Roadshow Entertainment and ABC Video (The Australian "ABC") took over in 1996.

Scare Factor Edit

Depending on the variant:

  • Original Variant: Low to nightmare, because of the logo's ominous nature, combined with the piano piece, as it may unnerve some viewers, and might as well give viewers bad dreams. The scare factor is none for people used to seeing it and it's a favourite of those not scared of it.
  • Doctor Who Variant: Medium to nightmare, as the sudden appearance of the Time Scoop and sudden sounds would get to those who hadn't seen it before.