Atari Jaguar Edit

Atari Jaguar was supposedly the first 64-bit gaming system. To show off its capabilities, the startup had some stunning effects for its time.

Original logo Visuals and sounds Edit

First, text saying "Jaguar" zooms in with a ferocious-sounding roar. After a short period of time, 3D letters that spell out "ATARI" sort of flip around as they get into place at the bottom of the screen while playing something that sounds like a sound clip from an older version of Mario where he... dies. Then, a somewhat satisfying sound is played (it sounds like you've won something). Finally, the Jaguar text moves to the top and that is when the rotating cube with the Jaguar on it zooms in.

Scare Factor Edit

Minimal to Medium. The jaguar roaring is a bit scary, but nothing else. The jaguar on the cube may scare some younger children, but it's unlikely.

Here it is! Edit

Atari Jaguar Startup

Atari Jaguar Startup

Uploaded by bWildcat2 on YouTube. This is the original variant.

RSoD Edit

Wait... there's more?! Well, consoles in the 1990s had some sort of error screen. This happens when the system cannot read the cartridge.

Visuals and sounds Edit

As usual, the Jaguar logo zooms in, however, when it finishes, instead of pausing for a brief amount of time, everything turns red. Due to the consoles "choppiness" you can still see the logo faintly outlined.

Scare Factor Edit

Medium to high. The blinding red background appearing unexpectedly is bound to scare a few. Like the PS3 RSOD, High if it happens at night as gamers play in the dark at night so the red illuminates the room. Also the roar seems more ferocious than usual, even though it isn't, so that just adds to the scare factor.

Don't watch at night... Edit

Jaguar RSOD

Jaguar RSOD

Yeah, told you. Uploaded by Ren Mendoza on YouTube. The 8-bit text is present probably because this was (accidentally) done on an emulator.

Jaguar CD Edit

I could say this logo is exactly the same as the RSoD, because the CD add-on didn't even WORK, but, for those lucky enough to have a working Jaguar CD, this is made just for you. It is an on-going logo that plays music that sounds like it's from a game show until it can read the disc.

Scare Factor Edit

None. In fact, possibly quite boring. It's just the "Jaguar" text with a rainbow effect in the background.

Why this is here, IDK, but it's here anyway... Edit

If you were interested, here it is.

For some reason the video won't load, so, if you are really interested, find it here:

Trivia Edit

The Atari Jaguar was so unsuccessful, not only the console went down, but the company did with them.

The startup has an easter egg. If you hold the pause button on the controller while booting up you can control the rotating cube with the D-Pad (+).