Logo: The logo starts out with a grey triangle with a jagged edge with a much smaller red triangle inside it representing the letter A, along with a black ribbon wrapped around it representing the letter J. All of a sudden, the grey triangle tips spins and tips backwards, the red triangle zooms in while spinning very fast, andthe ribbon turns pink and zooms into where you cannot see it anymore. This all happens at once while the background turns blue. Next, while the background turns black, the grey triangle comes back, and the red triangle fits itself into one of the corners of the grey triangle. Next, the red and grey triangles tip into a sideways view and turn horizontal into what looks like a small red line hovering over a larger grey line, and the pink ribbon flies back out to the point of disappearing. Next, the camera zooms out and the stacked words "ARMAN JULIAN" in light grey and tall-blocky font zooms out tilted to the left. The triangles and the ribbon are now out of view, but the words rotates to face the camera while you see it above a thin red line and then the word PRODUCTIONS in white under that.

FX/SFX: Everything.

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Cheesy Factor: The animation is really primitive, and the subject matter is really strange.

Music/Sounds: A synth note, followed by a droning bass sound and various sound effects combined, resembling the THX Deep Note, then a loud "BANG!" sound when "ARMAN JULIAN" zoomed out, and a heroic fanfare that ends with a synth bass note.

Availability: Extremely rare. It can only be found on a fitness video called Maximum Potential.

Scare Factor: Nightmare to Medium. The very rapid and colorful movements along with the extremely strange and loud music can be extremely unsettling to a large amount of people.