Created in 1967 as part of The Beatles' Apple Corps, this company only released a few films. Apple Corps still exists, primarily to oversee control and licensing of Beatles-related assets and the Apple Records back catalog.

Scare Factor Edit

  • Original variant: High to nightmare. The general cheesiness of the logo and the loud electronic sounds are likely to scare many unaware viewers. The cuckoo clock sound may also startle you, but the guitar tune is very nice, though.
  • Still variant: It can range from low to nightmare, because: the guitar tune isn't in this logo, the animation looks creepier, we hear only the creepy electronic sounds, and worse, the "cuckoo clock" sound, and at the beginning we hear the explosion. But it can vary depending how scare are you with the animation.


Apple Films (December 26, 1967-April 1974)

Apple Films (December 26, 1967-April 1974)