This is the division of Media Blasters that distributes anime.

AnimeWorks (2000)

AnimeWorks (2000)

Nicknames: "Anime Gear", "Anime Cog"

Logo: We fade to the same Milky Way background from the Media Blasters logo of the time, but with in cerulean and yellow, with a lens flare appearing seconds later, with the main light progressively growing in size. We then see some letters zooming out, which then after becoming lightened reveal to be the words "Anime Works" stacked vertically. In the meanwhile, a glowing figure forms to the left of the words, overlapping the growing light (which at this point has gained the shape of a gear) and thus eventually causing a flash that turns the rest of the screen purple. The flash reveals the shape to be a anime schoolgirl, while the text gains a blue outline and a shadow and the light becomes a rotating gear, which then shines. The logo then fades out slowly, with the space background becoming a simple black background with a yellow glow around the gear before it fades out completely.

FX/SFX: All of the animation in the logo.

Cheesy Factor: The space background doesn't look very professional for the time, as it's MB counterpart.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Media Blasters logo of the time, but with different corresponding sound effects.

Availability: Commonly found in several Media Blasters releases of the time, following the Media Blasters logo.

Scare Factor: Medium; the loud music, giant letters, and sound effects may unsettle some people, but it is a little tamer than the logo that precedes it.