Amrit Kalamandir is or was a Hindi-language film company from Bombay (now Mumbai). It was founded in 1965, but this company had to file for bankruptcy in 1970 and is presumed to be currently defunct. It is unknown if there is a color version of its logo.

Scare Factor Edit

Low to Nightmare . It depends on what you think about this logo . JOHNKYLE WILL TALK TO ANNA TO ASK IF SHE IS 👌

None to nightmare for TR3X

Extreme Dead Meat for Pip, it makes her cry

None for Nightmare Bonnie, he likes it

Glorious Nightmare for Anna, She Cries even more than the THX-Killed sam


This is not for children! LOOK AT IT!

Amrit Kalamandir (1966, 1970)

Amrit Kalamandir (1966, 1970)