VHS Companies From the 80's 59 - HIKON FILM

VHS Companies From the 80's 59 - HIKON FILM

Hikon Film Video Distribution was a British video company that was activated in the 1980s to make video nasties.

Logo: The logo starts with a cloudy sky. Then, we see a video of a sunset sky appearing via "rippling" effect. Then many lavender spotlights appear, then a human eye zooms in underneath the spotlights and stops close to the screen (like it's about to break the screen) followed by a moon on the iris and pupil. Many silhouettes of a theatre with a couple fade in, then the words “A HIKON FILM” on the moon fade in as well.

Animation: The eye zooming in and the fizzling words.

Cheesy Factor: The whole thing looks like it was made by a brainiac.

Music: Consists of a synth theme with people saying Hikon over and over again, until we hear a breaking glass sound. Then an announcer says A HIKON FILM.

Availability: Rare to Ultra rare. Might be seen on British horror films.

Logo Behavior Factor: Detention For 45 minutes to dead meat for the quiet announcer, and high to nightmare for the loud one. The combination of the music, cheapness and ugliness, the eye zooming in and words can scare a bunch of people.