VHS Companies From the 80's 59 - HIKON FILM00:32

VHS Companies From the 80's 59 - HIKON FILM


A Hikon Film (also known as Hikon Film Video Distribution) is a British video company that was activated in the 1980s to make video nasties.

Logo: The logo starts with a cloudy sky. Then, we see a video of a sunset sky appearing via "rippling" effect. Then many lavender spotlights appear, then a human eye zooms in underneath the spotlights and stops close to the screen (like it's about to break the screen) followed by a moon on the iris and pupil. Many silhouettes of a theatre with a couple fade in, then the words A HIKON FILM on the moon.

Animation: The eye zooming in and the fizzling words.

Cheesy Factor: The whole thing looks like it was made by a brainiac.

Music: Consists of a synth theme with people saying Hikon over and over again, until we hear a breaking glass sound. Then an announcer says A HIKON FILM.

Availability: Rare to Ultra rare. Might be seen on British nasties.

Logo Behavior Factor: Rough to Good. the combination of the music, cheapness and ugliness, the eye zooming in and words can scare a bunch of people.

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