Founded in 1985 in Canada, ATI was one of the leading companies in the visual processor market. ATI was purchased by AMD in 2006.

1st Logo (1990s)Edit


Nicknames: "Connected ATi", "The Futuristic-Fonted ATi"

Logo: On a black background, we see the letterts "ATi" in 3D, connected. The ® symbol appears to the left of the logo. The word "TECHNOLOGIES INC.", ATI Technologies (1996)inside of a oval, is seen below the logo.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. Seen at least on the PC ports of Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Bubsy.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo (Possibly Early 2000s-2007)Edit


Nicknames: "Disconnected ATi", "The Futuristic-Fonted ATi ll"

Logo: On a white background, we a red box. Inside the box is a modified version of the ATi logo in white, this time the letters are disconnected. A copyright notice appears below.


An animated version exists. a moving Matrix-like background, we see several rays wipe in the red box. On RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, the logo is centered and there's no copyright notice.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Scare Factor: None.

3rd Logo (2009)Edit


Nicknames: "The Futuristic-Fonted ATi llI"

Logo: On a black background, we see a box with a silver-grey outline appear and zoom out in a red splash effect. Inside the box is another red box, with the ATi logo (from before). Below the letters is the word "RADEON". Below the ATI Radeon (2009)red box is a black box with the stacked words "PREMIUM GRAPHICS".

FX/SFX: Same as the AMD logo.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Stalker - Call of Pripyat.

Scare Factor: Low.

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