ASN Great Movies Ident 198700:13

ASN Great Movies Ident 1987

ASN "Great Movies" Intro 198900:19

ASN "Great Movies" Intro 1989

ASN Great Movies Intro 199000:21

ASN Great Movies Intro 1990

ASN Great Movies Intro 199500:18

ASN Great Movies Intro 1995

ASN was a Canadian TV channel, focusing mainly on news and local programming.

The first is still.

The second starts with a theater countdown to ASN logo. We crack through the word "GREAT" as the word "MOVIES" zooms in.

The third starts with stars flying where the word "PRESENTATION" wipes in.

Their fourth logo starts with an After Effect animation as the filmstrip filling the logo with the words "GREAT MOVIES".

Everything is preceded by the bumper.

Scare factor: Low for the first, second and third ones. The music may scare.

None for the fourth ones. Just boring.

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