We start out with a yellow screen, which then wipes away horizontally to become a grey-white background. As soon as the yellow background begins to clear, a rapidly spinning black vortex (three "crooks" hooking together around a dot) comes from the left and stops in the middle, rapidly spinning clockwise. The vortex zooms back and shifts to the right while spinning. Meanwhile, the letters "a p i" in purple lowercase (the letters themselves resemble Futura) begin bouncing from all positions. The vortex zooms in and out as each letter, punctuated by a dinging chime, takes its spot. The vortex begins to spin next to the "i" until it comes to a complete stop, which makes the "i" overlap one of the tips of the vortex. the words "TELEVISION PRODUCTION" immediately appear below the logo, set in Microgramma.

Logo Behavior FactorEdit

Medium to high. The zooming in and out, the weird music and the rapid speed of the vortex's spinning probably scared more than a few. Not to mention the spinning may make you dizzy. And then there's the DING DING DIIINNNGGG!!! Take note, S from Hell and V of Doom.

Watch... if you dare.Edit

API Television Production Logo

API Television Production Logo

API logo from 1966 to 1972. Don't watch if you are prone to epilepsy.