3-G Home Video was a distributor of various media on VHS.

Scare FactorEdit

3-G Home Video

This logo will likely scare children (ironically their target audience) because the whoosh sound comes suddenly after the tracking control warning. Also, this logo is even louder than the 1989 and 1991 UAV Corporation logos, and is also louder than the 1979 Coltevisión logo, it's even louder than the VHS and LaserDisc version of the THX trailer and its nuclear bob explosion, as well as the Horror Factory & Beyond Factory logo. That combined with the menacing logo design, dark color scheme and dark background, and that it just appears without warning makes this one of the scariest logos EVER, which this may probably haunt more than A LOT OF people.

Watch if you dare!Edit

3-G Home Video logo

3-G Home Video logo