2Entertain is a British music and video publisher, founded in 2004 by the merger of BBC Video and Video Collection International. BBC owns 60% of the company. In 2010, BBC Worldwide purchased the forty-percent of the company that they did not own from The Woolworth Group.


On a black background, a few bright flashes occur at the bottom. Then, the words "2 | entertain", in blue, zoom out one-by-one, all while the flash continues to occur. Then, the words zoom out and the flash dies down. On Blu-ray releases, the words "HIGH DEFINITION" appear during the final flash of light.


Currenttly seen on BBC DVD releases in the UK and in America as well, replacing the Warner Home Video logo since 2008. It sometimes plasters The Video Collection/International logos.

Scare FactorEdit

Minimal, due to the (slight) darkness and music. Otherwise, none, as it is a very nice logo.

Video and PhotoEdit

2entertain Logo

2entertain Logo