Logos Edit

20th Century Fox Television was founded in 1949.

TCF Sunburst: A still shot of the movie logo,with a sunburst shape behind it Scare Factor:None.

Starry Sky: "20th century fox" fades in on a starry sky a la the Starry Night Productions logo. Scare Factor:Minimal.The font and setting could scare some,but that's nothing compared to the next logo.....

We start of with the 20th Century Fox logo. "TELEVISION" suddenly appears zooming and replaces "CENTURY".


1959-1966: The logo is in close up, then it zooms out. For the sped up variant, it zooms out faster than usual.

1965-1984: The logo does not zoom out.

1968-1984: The logo is moved to the left in a dark background."TELEVISION" zooms out and replaces "CENTURY",with the C still being seen.

1984: The sky is darker, using the 1981 20th Century Fox logo, "TELEVISION" zooms out and replaces "CENTURY".

Scare Factor ๐Ÿ˜ˆEdit

1960-1964: Medium.

1961-1966: Medium to high.

1960's sped-up variant: Medium to nightmare.

1965-1969: Low to high.

1966-1984: Medium to high.

1981-1991: Medium to high.

1989-1992: Low to Medium.

1995-1997: Low.

1995-2008: Low.

1997-2007: Low to Medium.

2007-2012: None.

2009-2012: Minimal.

November 2012: None.

Tower of TepityEdit

Almost like 20th Century Fox's 1994 logo, but with a few differences:

  • The sky background looks lighter.
  • The tower now reads:


1995-1997: Sounds similar to the 1995 20th Television theme. 1997: A rearranged/sped up version of the 1961 logo theme.

2005: A shortened version of the 1997 theme. Used on American Dad.

2007: Same as the 1995 theme, with the last note echoing.


1995-1997:The logo is darker. 1997-May 2009:The logo is used lighter.

2000-Late 2000's: The background is lighter as if it were sunset a la Fox Video.

April 2007:The logo was was given an enhanced look and the effects look more realistic.

Scare FactorEdit

1995-1997: None.

1997-2009: Low-High.The music could scare some,but harmless.

2007-: Minimal. Could scare some, but harmless.