20th Century Fox Blu-Ray Disc HD00:11

20th Century Fox Blu-Ray Disc HD

Nickname: "CGI Searchlights"

Logo: We see the 20th Century Fox logo zooming in slowly, with the words HOME ENTERTAINMENT in gold at the bottom, shining. Then a blue streak changes the text to the "Blu-ray Disc" logo, leaving behind a "swoosh" shape as it does this.

FX/SFX: The zooming in, the shining, and the words changing.

Music/Sounds: A calm, majestic fanfare resembling the title screen music for the Wii version of Netflix, followed by a slight laser sound for the blue flash.

Availability: Common. It can be seen on every TCF release on Blu-ray disc until November 2010. It appeared on releases such as Die Hard, Fight Club, Ice Age, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Australia, and The Day the Earth Stood Still. It can be also seen on MGM Home Entertainment releases on Blu-ray Disc, including Valkyrie, and Hot Tub Time Machine, among others. Along with the original version of this logo, it made a surprise re-appearance on the 2013 re releases of the Die Hard films, the 2015 re-release of The Sound of Music, and the re-release of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as in the 2015 5-film collection set.

Scare Factor: None. It's a nice logo.

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