A film company that was made at 1933 logo;starts with serch lights with the tower saying "20th CENTURY FOX" its own by 21st Century Fox inc. or news corp. Scare Factor: Television Logos are in the video:

#1. None

#2. Minimal

#3. It depends:

Medium for 1960

Medium to high for 1961

Medium to nightmare for 1965 Warp speed

Others: Low to medium.

#4. None.

#5. It depends:

1965: Low to high.

1966: Medium to high.

Costum Theme: Low to medium.

Still: Low

#6. It depends:

1981: Medium to high.

1989/Closing Theme: Low to medium.

#7. None to minimal.

#8. It depends:

1995 Variants: Low.

1997: Low to medium.

2007, 2012, 2015, 1989 Theme, Closing Theme, and Silent Variants: None.

2009: Minimal.

International TV/Abridged 2012 Variants: None to low.

This Logo Can Bee Seen In Every End Of A Simpsons Episode
20th Century Fox Television Logo History

20th Century Fox Television Logo History