1985-1997 Warner Home Video Logo

Warner Home Video (formerly "WCI Home Video"; the word "WCI" for "Warner Communications, Inc.", and also known as "Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc.") is the home entertainment unit of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., itself part of Time Warner, founded in 1978 to distribute on video the film and television library of Warner Bros. Studios, and when Time Warner acquired them, programs from other Time Warner companies. Currently, they also serve distribution for television and/or movie products released by BBC (w/ 2 Entertain), Lifetime, Cartoon Network, Turner Entertainment Co., Viz Media, TruTV, TNT, National Geographic Society in the U.S., and products from the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

Warner Home Video (1986-1997) (Time Warner Company byline) (Coming Soon)

Warner Home Video (1986-1997) (Time Warner Company byline) (Coming Soon)

Scare FactorEdit

Low to medium. The bombastic music and primitive CGI may scare some, but this logo is a favorite of many. It's also harmless. None to minimal for the still version.