The ВИD of Doom is a YouTube variant made by a person after watching the ВИD logo.



The logo

We start off with the Viacom V of Doom logo animating. Before the logo cuts to black, a VID mask with eyes open and tongue stuck out (picture at the right) crashes the logo and crashes the screen. After it does this, it zooms out slowly vibrating and the screen brightens. After it zooms out, it was about to crash the screen more, but the logo fades out quick excluding the broken screen, growling in loud.

Music/Sounds Edit

While the V of Doom is animating, a five-note timpani plays, which gets cut soon by an old person shouting with tongue stuck out and when it crashes the screen, we hear a glass shattering sound accompanied by a monster scream and the five-note fanfare of the ВИD logo.

Scare Factor Edit

Nightmare. The sudden crashing of the VID mask and the monster scream along with the five-note fanfare may frighten a lot of people, and sometimes jump out of their seats. Medium for those who are not scared of the logo but surprised at the sounds. Low for those who are not scared of it and fans of it.

Watch if you dare Edit

Viacom V of Doom ВИД

Viacom V of Doom ВИД