Toei Video logo (Sailor Moon S)

Toei Video logo (Sailor Moon S)

Toei Home Video

Toei Animation Home Video Co. is a Japanese animation studio which is mostly owned by Toei Company. Since 2002, in many DVD's of the company (like in Sailor Moon S), you can find "The Disc of Doom" as the logo of the company.


On a black background, we slowly zoom out from a disc. As we zoom out, it starts to spin, becoming faster and faster as we zoom out. When it's spinning, it becomes brighter by an iris in effect in the middle, as if data is being written to it. As it continues to spin, it starts to shake, sparks and smoke comes out, and, as it starts to become fully bright, electricity hits the logo, creating a explosion. When the explosion clears out, we see the disc, now in the shape of a triangle, stop spinning and the sparks and smoke clear out. It fades to become the Toei logo and "TOEI VIDEO" fades in under the logo as it slowly zooms out.

Avaliability Edit

Common: You can always find this logo in the "Sailor Moon S" DVD's and many other DVD's produced after 2002.

Scare Factor Edit

High to Nightmare: The concept of the disc that spins and explodes is enough creepy alone. But adding black background, the dark tones at the end, fire and lightnings and the in-your-face animations makes this logo really scary.